One certainty: homemade ice cream for celiacs

The preference falls on artisanal ice cream for celiac i for those who cannot resist the ritual of arriving in front of the window and composing their own cup according to the desires of the moment.

In all cities, ice cream shops are equipped to produce ice cream flavors for celiacs, with the label displayed. But even in those kiosks where there are no specific indications, it is possible to stop and eat a nice cup.

In fact, as far as which flavors to choose, the limitations are very few. Tiramisu, zuppa inglese and any type of ice cream containing traces of biscuits are banned and green light for cream, pistachio, chocolate, coffee, lemon, strawberry, melon and many others.

Of course, it is important to know the ingredients with which each flavor is made, but in principle most of the creams and fruit varieties do not contain flour or cereals.

Furthermore, in the case of ice cream parlors, we always recommend observing which utensils the chosen flavor is touched with because there is a risk of contamination. A slight contamination can occur between cones, grains, sponge cake and gluten-containing flavors, so we recommend always asking for clean spatulas.

And for those wishing to try their hand at DIY, there are many ice cream recipes for celiacs homemade. And, for once, you can also say goodbye to the cup and prepare at home ice cream cones for celiacs gluten-free!